Medium Setting

Bitumen Emulsion Medium Setting (PBI CMS)

It is an emulsion in which the rate of deposition of binder is sufficiently delayed to permit mixing with certain clean coarse aggregates before breaking to form a continuous adhesive film without stripping


GRADE 3MS- is normally used for

  • Pot Holes
  • Carry out Patch Work



  • Easy to dilute in water
  • Curing time is low
  • It is very economical & easy application
  • Eco friendly
  • Bond with existing surface
  • Instant setting and fast development of strength
  • It is suitable to use in pot holes & patch repair
  • Does not require heating
  • It resistance to peel off under traffic
  • It provides stable patches


Maintenance Mix:

This high quality material now makes it possible to fill pot holes or carry out patch repair with open graded cold premix made onsite. The methods typically used for the repair of pot holes using asphalt emulsions are throw-and- roll and full- depth removaland replacement. All of these methods involve palcing cold mix in the potholes with a shovel and compacting with a truck tire, vibratory plate compactor or steel wheeled roller.


The procedure consist of:

  1. Blow off water and debris from the patholes
  2. Cut to rectangular shapes with all sides vertical
  3. Remove loose material, if any
  4. Spray tack coat of asphalt emulsion on all the sides and bottom
  5. Mix prepared of clean and dry aggregates with CMS emulsion
Some important specifications and properties are :as per ( IS – 8887:2004)
Binder- residue by evaporation Min 65%
Viscosity @ 50° C (Saybolt), sec 50-300
Solubility in trichloroethylene % by mass Min 98


Coating ability % water resistance
1. Coating, dry aggregate Good
2. Coating, after spraying Fair
3. Coating, wet aggregate Fair
4. Coating, after spraying Fair
Storage stability after 24 hours % max Less than 1