Rapid Setting 2

Bitumen Emulsion Rapid Setting 2 (PBI CRS -2)

It is specially recommended for surface dressing work due to high content of bitumen & also highly viscous liquid.


GRADE RS-2 is normally used for

  • Surface Dressing
  • Grouting Purpose
  • Penetration Macadam



  • Reduced cost of maintenance
  • It is very economical & easy application
  • Low temperature curing
  • Highly adhesive properties
  • Water resistant & enhances easy drainage of water
  • This prevents lateral movements of structural layers.
  • Make more strengthen layer and prevents from water ingress.


Surface dressing :

It consist of application in one or two coats, each consisting of a layer of bituminous binder sprayed on previously prepared base, followed by a cover of stone chips rolled in to form a wearing course. RS2 type emulsion is ideal for surface dressing on the shoulders and for protection of freshly laid base courses.


Surface Type Qty in kg per 10 m sq. Area
1. Two coat surface dressing 28-32


Sand seal :

It is use as a bituminous sand on paving surface to seal the surface & to function as a light wearing course.



It is applicable also for stone layer is damp, use for low grade roads by combination of base & wearing courses with RS 2 emulsion on the laid & compact aggregates.


Some important specifications and properties are :as per ( IS – 8887:2004)
Binder- residue by evaporation Min 67%
Viscosity @ 50° C (Saybolt), sec 100-300
Ductility 27°C / cm, Min 50
Residue on 600 micron IS sieve % by mass 0.05% max
Storage stability after 24 hours % max Less than 1